April 2018 at la SAT, Montreal

Laewoo (Leo) Kang, 강래우 (姜來佑)

HCI researcher, Multimedia artist
Ph.D candidate in Information Science, Cornell University

(email) lk423@cornell.edu; (C.V) download C.V (2018)

My work explores art-research integration into more multi-disciplinary platforms for problem discovery, theory building, and creative design in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and media art. I use art practice, technology design, and ethnography as an integrated method to promote more creative ways of HCI learning, teaching and research. I also exhibit my artwork as an alternative form of research representation in which core questions in the fields are explored in both aesthetic and speculative ways. I am currently completing my dissertation entitled 'Improvisation and Aesthetic Engagement for HCI', which explores alternative research and pedagogical frameworks where artists can engage in and contribute to the field in their own art practices. I am advised in this work by Dr. Steven Jackson, Dr. Phoebe Sengers, and Dr. Trevor Pinch.