Another Day

Leo Kang, 2013 ~ ongoing

The project 'Another Day' is a series of multimedia art projects where paintings, essays, installations, music and others forms of media are intermixed to describe a story about how animate and inanimate things in the world appear, change, go extinguished and stay in non-linear and non-human-centered way. This project describes that our individual world and its series of events are not created or happened through a certain linear progression from its own a prior purpose, but organically appears through diverse intended and coincidental interactions with diverse human and non-­human social actors.

Started from 2013, this project explores situational and complex interpretation of our daily lives. This project also goes along with my Ph.d dissertation at Information Science, Cornell University. The dissertation is about proposing an alternative design process called 'Dialogic Design'. The general idea of Dialogic Design is that artifacts in the world are not created through a linear progression by single and powerful authority(human), but organically emerged through diverse purposive and accidental interactions with different non-­human and human actors. This art and academic perspective is being built up upon the strong influence of Buddhism, Heidegger's literatures, Actor-Network-Theory(Latour), and other post-humanism(see references).

So far - following stories have been created, and more are on the way.

Index: 목차
#day 0: createEvent / 이벤트 생성자
#day 1: a new actor / 객체의 생성 (
#day 2: we are already connected / 필연 (
#day 3: actor / 객체 (
#day 5: when wind blows / 바람이 분다 (
#day 7: almost july / 아직은 봄 (
#day 20: torrie's self-portrait / 토리가 만든 토리 (

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