Another Day

Leo Kang, 2013 ~ ongoing

The project 'Another Day' is a series of multimedia art projects where writings, paintings, installations, and others forms of media are intermixed to describe a story about how animate and inanimate things in the world appear, change, go extinguished and stay in non-linear and non-human-centered way. This project describes that our individual world and its series of events are not created or happened through a certain linear progression from its own a prior purpose, but organically appears through diverse intended and coincidental interactions with diverse human and non-­human social actors.

Index: 목차
#day 0: createEvent / 이벤트 생성자
#day 1: a new actor / 객체의 생성 (
#day 2: we are already connected / 필연 (
#day 3: actor / 객체 (
#day 5: when wind blows / 바람이 분다 (
#day 7: almost july / 아직은 봄 (
#day 20: torrie's self-portrait / 토리가 만든 토리 (

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