Harmonic Rain

by Laewoo Kang, Young Taek Oh/ 2010

The project ‘Harmonic Rain’ is an interactive installation for a collaborative music performance in which many people can participate. Each cylinder-shaped installation plays its own musical instrument and the sound harmonizes with other installations’ sound. The audience can generate the sound by standing in front of each installation. The distance from the audience and the installation modifies the tempo of the sound and the speed of led pattens. In ‘Harmonic Rain’, we propose a new type of led installation that create a form of human interaction with the joy of creating harmonic sound.

The installation was modified for the live music performance called 'NIME 2010/ITP' in Glassand Gallery, Brooklyn. The performance has two stages; One Second and Han.

'One Second', 14th Dec, 2011 Glassland Gallery, Brooklyn

The project, 'Once Second'. was initiated to answer the question ': “How does music convey the sense of time?”. In the performance, we explore the relationship between the absolute one second and relative one second, past and present time, and the time in audience’s perception and performer’s.

'Han', 14th Dec, 2011 Glassland Gallery, Brooklyn

ITP Wintershow 2010