Intermodulator: Exploring tension and aesthetic across differences

by Leo(Laewoo) Kang, Feb 2017


Inter-modulator is a multi-channel sound-responsive installation comprised of ordinary box fans and backlights. The speed of the individual fans and the brightness of the backlights respond to the pitch and volume of different sound input sources. Above video shows the installation setup responding to two different microphone in the left and right side of the performer. Current installation is comprised of eight different modules of the fans, and each module is assembled by two fans that oppositely face to each other(like a sandwich). These oppositely-facing fans produce a seemingly stationary or ‘moire' effect when a certain resonance and balance are achieved from these different sounds. 'Moire' is a visual illusion, which is produced from the visual interference of two oppositely rotating objects or visual images.

This visual effect has conceptually inspired this project by showing that mutual interference or disturbance from different directions may appear as curious and aesthetic images. Drawing from this visual phenomenon, this project explores emerging aesthetic in tension where different styles of entities get to blend to another. By exploring such visual effect and conceptual idea, the project 'inter-modulator' provides a audio-visual space where different musicians collaborate to results and insights unavailable to each individually. Finally, the thunderstorm and wind in Ithaca( NY, USA) have been the main visual inspiration of this project.


바람을 타고 찾아 온 당신, music and installation

'The Cutting' by Powerdove with Sarah Hennies