1. Introduction to Intermodulator, 2018

2. 바람을 타고 찾아온 당신, Here Comes The Wind With You, 2017
(working on recording)
3. 당신 생각, Thinking About You, 2016
(sound engineering by JAIE)

4. 언덕에 앉아, In The Slope, 2017
(sound engineering by JAIE)

5. Running to Standing Still (U2 cover/ with Trevor Pinch), 2017

6. Everyday Electronics as Musical Collaborators, 2018


Everyday Electronics as Musical Collaborator, 2018

Introduction to Intermodulator, Live at la SAT, Montreal, 2018

Here comes the wind with you (바람을 타고 찾아 온 당신) 2017

Thinking about you, 2017